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Director Message

Director Message


Mr. Arpit Pandya

Banswara Institute of Higher Studies
which we know as * BIHS *. The main objective of this college is to create such a personality in the society that gives addition to a thorough knowledge of subjects, which creates a social thoughtful and job-creating personality.

The thinking of the college administration is that if the student is given with full knowledge honestly, then they will reciprocate the same to the next generation. This theme is the same as pressing the spring.

Looking at the current scenario, it seems that despite studying in a good college and school, it becomes necessary to coach the student, which has two disadvantages to the student * First is money * * Second is time * . But * BIHS * College believes that If the student studies regularly and carefully in the institute then he/she will not need any tuition or coaching. Students studying in * BIHS * College for the last 3 years did not require any additional coaching after college.

The college executes its goal strongly.

So in just 3 years, students of * BIHS * college have made their name in the university exam.

Here we set the right harmony of modern and ancient traditions, for the overall development of the student, we include everything in our curriculum.

In today's era of global competition, we teach those things to the students so they can face all the problems of the future and get solutions on their own. The relationship between student and teacher is so deep in our college that on quality of every student, the teacher keeps track and give him/her correct, accurate and meaningful guidance for the future.

In view of all the meaningful possibilities of the future and for a bright future, we pay full attention to every student.

So with this hope, you are cordially invited to visit *BIHS*